How Does Hiiree Works!

Designed For Recruitment Needs of Medical Industry

Removing bottlenecks from the hiring process by introducing video interviews

Easy Setup

Add candidates, select interview questions and time frame. One time link will be sent to each candidate.


Candidates record interviews at their convenience within the define time frame


HR receives video link and analytics for ongoing and completed interviews for informed decision making


Key Benefits

  • 01


    Save time i.e. No need for back and forth phone calls & interview scheduling coordination.

  • 02


    No more fake phone interviews. Real interview simulation with one attempt per candidate.

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    Allows multiple stakeholders to re-watch recordings at their convenience and provide ratings.


Questions & Answer

What is a Video Interview?

Our software allows you to pre-screen candidates in a more efficient way than phone screening. Hiring team creates new interviews and adds questions they want to ask. Candidates record their answers and submit them for the recruiter or hiring manager to review at their convenience.

Candidates can record interviews at their convenience, usually in a specified amount of time mentioned by HR. A recruiter and/or hiring manager can then review the answers and share top candidates with team members for input on hiring decisions. The video is then included in the candidate’s profile.

The question is displayed and then there is a countdown after which the recording begins automatically.

Video interviews are popular mainly with employed candidates because they don’t have to undergo phone screenings while they are at work. With Video Interview they can do it at their preferred time without having to navigate scheduling ping-pong to find a time that works.


Transforming hiring process through video interviews

Our on-demand platform provides a more scalable and flexible process for hiring managers, recruiters and candidates.

  • 90
    %Decrease in time to hire
  • 150
    %Return on Investment

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Traditional interview processes for recruitment are manual and time consuming. At best, they’re inefficient for employers and stressful for candidates. We automate your prescreening process- making it enjoyable and efficient for everyone.